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 RR Codes: all weapons and inf ammo

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PostSubject: RR Codes: all weapons and inf ammo    Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:55 pm

this code gives you all the weapons and inf ammo just pust left trigger and down on d pad at the same time to activate only for offline

#all weapons and inf ammo L+\|/
0x00000FA0 0x64657243
0x00000FA4 0x203A7469
0x00000FA8 0x52615020
0x00000FAC 0x586F4461
0x00000FB0 0x4D4F435F
0x00000FB4 0x54494E55
0x00000FB8 0x78422059
0x00000FBC 0x78422043
0x00000FC0 0x68632043
0x00000FC4 0x20746165
0x00000FC8 0x62616E45
0x00000FCC 0x0021656C
0x00000FD0 0x0000003D
0x00000FD4 0x00000114
0x00000FD8 0x00000102
0x00000FDC 0x00000107
0x00000FE0 0x00000108
0x00000FE4 0x00000109
0x00000FE8 0x0000009F
0x00000FEC 0x0000010F
0x00000FF0 0x00000111
0x00000FF4 0x00000112
0x00000FF8 0x00000105
0x001292A8 0x0A200400
0x001292AC 0x00A08825
0x00001000 0x27BDFFE0
0x00001004 0xAFBF0000
0x00001008 0xAFA40004
0x0000100C 0xAFA2001C
0x00001010 0xAFA60008
0x00001014 0xAFA7000C
0x00001018 0xAFA80010
0x0000101C 0xAFB70014
0x00001020 0xAFB60018
0x00001024 0x3C0408EB
0x00001028 0x8C843DCC
0x0000102C 0x34080140
0x00001030 0x30840140
0x00001034 0x1504003E
0x00001038 0x00000000
0x0000103C 0x3C170880
0x00001040 0x26F70FD0
0x00001044 0x8EF60000
0x00001048 0x3C0708B8
0x0000104C 0x00004025
0x00001050 0x24E79A40
0x00001054 0x34060001
0x00001058 0x34050001
0x0000105C 0x0E295A80
0x00001060 0x02C02025
0x00001064 0x8E240850
0x00001068 0x02C02825
0x0000106C 0x34070001
0x00001070 0x00004025
0x00001074 0x00E04825
0x00001078 0x0E29577B
0x0000107C 0x0040B025
0x00001080 0x8E240850
0x00001084 0x00161080
0x00001088 0x00821021
0x0000108C 0x8C420008
0x00001090 0x3408270F
0x00001094 0xAC480010
0x00001098 0x3408000F
0x0000109C 0x5516FFE9
0x000010A0 0x26F70004
0x000010A4 0xAC960160
0x000010A8 0x3c0408f8
0x000010AC 0x2484b530
0x000010B0 0x3c053e00
0x000010B4 0xac850000
0x000010B8 0xac850008
0x000010BC 0x3c054d00
0x000010C0 0xac850004
0x000010C4 0xac85000c
0x000010C8 0x248414a0
0x000010CC 0xac850000
0x000010D0 0xac85000c
0x000010D4 0x3c053e00
0x000010D8 0xac850004
0x000010DC 0xac850008
0x000010E0 0x3C0408EC
0x000010E4 0x8C8446DC
0x000010E8 0x8C840120
0x000010EC 0x3C050880
0x000010F0 0x24A50FB0
0x000010F4 0x3C0608F8
0x000010F8 0x24C6C9B0
0x000010FC 0x34080000
0x00001100 0x0E31FC28
0x00001104 0x34070002
0x00001108 0x3C0408EC
0x0000110C 0x8C8446DC
0x00001110 0x8C840124
0x00001114 0x3C050880
0x00001118 0x24A50FA0
0x0000111C 0x3C0608F8
0x00001120 0x24C6B530
0x00001124 0x34080000
0x00001128 0x0E31FC28
0x0000112C 0x34070002
0x00001130 0x8FB60018
0x00001134 0x8FA40004
0x00001138 0x8FA2001C
0x0000113C 0x8FA60008
0x00001140 0x8FA7000C
0x00001144 0x8FA80010
0x00001148 0x8FB70014
0x0000114C 0x8FBF0000
0x00001150 0x8C850000
0x00001154 0x0A24A4AC
0x00001158 0x27BD0020
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RR Codes: all weapons and inf ammo
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