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Wed Jul 18, 2018 | ProGaMeRz.TK | Post Count: 4083
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 Outfit ID Creator

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PostSubject: Outfit ID Creator    Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:05 am

Just edit the head shirt and pants and put the id of the outfit you want then turn on and save .

#Outfit ID Creator
0X017FBA50 0X00000000
0X017FBA54 0X00000000
0x017FBA58 0x44414548
0x017FBA5c 0x00000000
0x017FBA60 0x00000000
0x017FBA64 0x00000000
0x017FBA68 0X00000000
0X017FBA6C 0X00000000
0X017FBA70 0X00000000
0X017FBA74 0X00000000
0X017FBA78 0X52494853
0X017FBA7C 0X00000054
0X017FBA80 0X00000000
0x017FBA84 0x00000000
0X017FBA88 0X00000000
0X017FBA8C 0X00000000
0X017FBA90 0X00000000
0X017FBA94 0X00000000
0X017FBA98 0X544E4150
0X017FBA9C 0X00000053
0X017FBAA0 0X00000000
0X017FBAA4 0X00000000
0X017FBAA8 0X00000000
0X017FBAAC 0X00000000
0X017FBAB0 0X00000000
0X017FBAB4 0X00000000
0X017FBAB8 0X44414548
0X017FBABC 0X00000000
0X017FBAC0 0X00000000
0X017FBAC4 0X00000000
0X017FBAC8 0X00000000
0X017FBACC 0X00000000
0X017FBAD0 0X00000000
0X017FBAD4 0X00000000
0X017FBAD8 0X52494953
0X017FBADC 0X00000054
0X017FBAE0 0X00000000
0X017FBAE4 0X00000000
0X017FBAE8 0X00000000
0X017FBAEC 0X00000000
0X017FBAF0 0X00000000
0X017FBAF4 0X00000000
0X017FBAF8 0X544E4150
0X017FBAFC 0X00000053
0X017FBB00 0X00000000
0X017FBB04 0X00000000
0X017FBB08 0X00000000
0X017FBB0C 0X00000000
0X017FBB10 0X00000000
0X017FBB14 0X00000000
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Outfit ID Creator
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