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 Call Of Duty Declassified Announcement Update

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PostSubject: Call Of Duty Declassified Announcement Update   Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:49 am

All of this is confirmed via Nihilistic's official twitter, and certainly has me more excited for the game than before.

-NAT 2 or better is required for online play
-After a suggestion, they are now working on having teams put together based on Clan Tags
-Lots of assets including models, animations, and gun sounds have been taken directly from Black Ops 1, with the permission of Treyarch.
-Confirmed: There are NO online passes
-No killcams, though very possible in the future, in a feature DLC, not a quick patch.
-There is a "Hit" sound and marker when you shoot someone.
-The amount of players in a gametype or online is not visible
-Most of the interface is driven by the DPAD+Buttons, "Classic" control.
-Killstreak kills contribute to your killstreak counts I.E. getting kills with a sentry gun will contribute to the kill required for an attack helicopter.
-Colour-Blind toggle included.

Assualt Rifles
-Carbine (aka Commando)
Sub-Machine Guns
Light Machine Guns
Explosion-y Stuff
-China Lake
-Underaction Launcher
-Ballistic Knife
-Bouncing Betty


-Nuke House, Half of Nuketown (Black Ops)
-Shattered, Exclusive I think
-Range, Biggest map, variation of Firing Range (Black Ops)
-Rocket, Variation of Launch (Black Ops)
-Container, Variation of Shipment (CoD 4)
-Intel, Variation of Grid (Black Ops)

-Spy Plane, Typical see all enemies on map.
-Care Package, Random killstreak in a box.
-Counter Spy plane, disables enemy's maps
-Morter Strike, typical raining down firey death, control by touching on the map.
-Sentry Gun, Automatic shooting machine
-Advanced Spy Plane, Location of all enemies at all times and the direction they're facing
-Attack Helicopter, Flys around the map automatically shooting whoever is visible.

-Sleight of Hand, Faster Reloading
-Lightweight, Faster movement
-Hardline, Killstreaks early
-Jammer, Not on radar
-Cold Blooded, No nametag
-Fast Hands, Faster gun changing
-Dead Silence
-Flak Jacket

Gun Attachments
-Weight Balance
-Improved Grip
-Adj. Stock
-Quickdraw Handle
-Extended Barrel
-Tactical Knife
-Underaction Grenade
-Ext. Mag.
-Rapid Fire
-Red Dot

Other Stuff
-No Zombies Mode at all (Activision did not allow them to create zombies, as they wanted the game to focus on the core gameplay of CoD, being multiplayer)
-The multiplayer is limited to 4v4, because the built in party system, caps it. Not because of hardware limitations.
-Ingame voice chat is still being decided whether or not to be implemented.
-No "Cod points" like Black ops. No wager matches either.
-The game runs at a steady 30 frames per second, which shouldn't be a big deal. Wipeout 2048 runs at 30 fps, as does Uncharted Golden Abyss, whereas Resistance burning skies single player runs about 25 fps, and multiplayer being anywhere between 15-20. Not sure if 30 fps refers to multiplayer or single player. Hopefully both.
-The game runs on a different engine than resistance burning skies, and people who have had a hands-on after the "Makeover" (Nihilistic has comepletely revamped the graphics since the gamescom trailer) say that it looks just like any other call of duty, with the exception of some low res textures.
-No killcams but they will "look into it".
-There are 3 different armies? is that what you call them? well anyways, there are 3 armies to play as in multiplayer, including Spetznaz, Black ops, and Contras, each with 4 unique skins for the players on the team, randomly assigned.
-No gun camos
-No emblem creator
-Clan tags are present
-The game's developement was started a year ago, and Nihilistic was brought in shortly after
-Gun sounds should sound authentic, as they used the same activision audio team that worked on all the other call of dutys.
-Sprinting is controlled by clicking down on the D-Pad, or using a setting making it so if you walk forward, you automatically sprint.
-The back touchscreen is ONLY used for holding breath when aiming down a sniper.
-The amount of bullets to kill is more like call of duty(Around 6-8 bullets) than resistance burning skies(Full clip)
-No Theater mode
-Grenades are used as on screen buttons like RBS, and to melee, simply touch anywhere on the screen (No designated button to touch)
-Prone supported (No dolphin dives, but they will "look into it")
-Minimap/radar supported on screen
-No ragdoll deaths
-No Akimbo mode
-Working on Ad-Hoc for launch
-Auto-aim mode in Single Player, but not Multiplayer
-Challenges included, no contracts.
-Main menu looks more like Console CoD, than RBS
-No editing of the red dot sight
-No ghili suits for snipers
-"Nearly certain there is no online pass"
-No C4, just little segments using them to breach or door in single player
-34 Trophies
-Corpses disappear, but not as fast as in RBS
-Single Player includes Regular, Hardened, and Veteran difficulties.

Game Modes
-Campaign (AKA "Operatives" I believe it's called) Features 10 levels that vary from being campaign-like, and spec-ops-like. Also there is a training level, just like all the other cods to try to get it as fast as possible. Not sure if this is separate from campaign, or in it.
-Hostiles Mode seems to be very similar to "Survival" from MW3, and it's an infinite wave survival game where you get thrown against the evil dudes. There are 5 different "Hostiles Missions". Each map changes the weapons you start with and you get more guns and upgrades from care packages. Hostiles does not support multiplayer.
-Multiplayer, you know what it is. The game features 10 prestige levels, though they are looking into upping that to 15, and the highest level is 40. Maps are tiny, so gameplay is cramped making it feel like your playing ground war most of the time. Good luck.

Multiplayer Modes
-Team Deathmatch, 4v4 or 2v2 [Or Maybe A 8v8 In 2013]
-Kill Confirmed
-Drop Zone, This is similar to capture the flag, but it's capture and hold as they worded it. Think of Oddball, Halo.
-Free for All, up to 8 players. Going to be crazy on tiny maps.
-Team tactical, All it is, is a gamemode that cycles through the other 4.
-No Harcore Sad
-Private matches are included, make a party and invite them! You can then merge with a public game, or play by yourselves.


Playstation Sony's Q&A? Here Here:

No Zombies?? Read Here:

All We Know About CoD? Read Here:

8v8 is possible? Read Here:

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PostSubject: Re: Call Of Duty Declassified Announcement Update   Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:51 am

Man,this MIGHT convince me to get a vita. But I dont like the small maps. I certainly dont like how long it takes to kill someone. And why the hell cant I customize my character? But graphic look cool and I love being able to aim with a stick instead of lock on. Makes people use skill.

Are there any pistols?
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PostSubject: Re: Call Of Duty Declassified Announcement Update   Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:13 pm

yeah... under guns... i need to make that more clearer..btw new links added.

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PostSubject: Re: Call Of Duty Declassified Announcement Update   

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Call Of Duty Declassified Announcement Update
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