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PostSubject: ISO DB   Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:02 pm

My whole working iso db because i use cso now

#Circle Talk In Game
0x004904d8 0x00000008
0x004904ec 0x00000800

#Stop The Violence
;Infinite health for all
0x00144D04 0x46146300

#Please Wait To All
0x00489ee8 0x00000001

#Unlock All Guns
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0048D84C
0x0000003C 0x00000000
0x0000008C 0x00000000
0x0000016C 0x00000000
0x00000234 0x00000000
0x00000298 0x00000001
0x00000B9C 0x00000000
0x00000E98 0x00000001
0x00001020 0x00000001
0x00001318 0x00000001
0x00001498 0x00000001
0x00001798 0x00000001
0x0000191C 0x00000000
0x00001924 0x00000001
0x00001A9C 0x00000000
0x00001C1C 0x00000000
0x00002218 0x00000001
0x0000269C 0x00000000
0x0000281C 0x00000000
0x00002B18 0x00000001
0x00002C98 0x00000001
0x00002E18 0x00000001
0x0000311C 0x00000000
0x0000329C 0x00000000
0x00003598 0x00000001
0x00003718 0x00000001
0x00003898 0x00000001
0x00003B98 0x00000001
0x0000401C 0x00000001
0x0000431C 0x00000000
0x0000449C 0x00000000
0x0000461C 0x00000000
0x00004798 0x00000000
0x00004C1C 0x00000000
0x00004D9C 0x00000000
0x00005098 0x00000001
0x00005398 0x00000001
0x0000539C 0x00000000
0x00005518 0x00000001
0x0000581C 0x00000000
0x00005C9C 0x00000000
0x00006118 0x00000001
0x00006298 0x00000001
0x0000641C 0x00000000
0x0000659C 0x00000000
0x0000671C 0x00000000
0x00006A1C 0x00000000
0x00006D18 0x00000001
0x0000701C 0x00000000
0x00007318 0x00000001
0x0000BF98 0x00000001
0x00007618 0x00000001
0x0000779C 0x00000000
0x00008398 0x00000001

#Inff Ammo
;inf ammo
0x0017aed8 0x00000000

#Inff Ammo All
;Add it smoke
;Turn On with rapid fire And then Off
;To Activate Rapid Fire
0x0017aebc 0x8C830000

#Inf Explosives
0x00166558 0x00000000
0x0017AEEC 0x8CC43000

#Increase Ammo
0x00186810 0x7C062E20
0x0016654C 0x00000000

#Real Perfect Shot
;Us with No recoil
0x00185010 0x3C04E000

#No Recoil
0x00186c14 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 1
0x000001F4 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 2
0x000005E4 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 3
0x000009D4 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 4
0x00000DC4 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 5
0x000011B4 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 6
0x000015A4 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 7
0x00001994 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 8
0x00001D84 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 9
0x00002174 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 10
0x00002564 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 11
0x00002954 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 12
0x00002D44 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 13
0x00003134 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 14
0x00003524 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 15
0x00003914 0x00000000

#Slot Kill 16
0x00003D04 0x00000000

#X shoot and Lockon
0x004904e4 0x00012320

#Full Scope
0x00163bc4 0x00000000

#Rapid Explosions On
0x0015c3a8 0x00000000

#See yourself while sniping
;Zoom all Then turn the code
;and zoom out and done
0x00087d0c 0x03E00008

#No Bullets
0x001493C0 0x00000000
0x001493CC 0x4600A304

#Ghetto Skywalker
;hz 15
0x00143368 0xC7AD0044

#Force Green Up
;Must be host
;chasefury10, pieguy2000
0x00713c0c 0x00000101
0x00713d54 0x00000101
0x00713e9c 0x00000101
0x00713fe4 0x00000101
0x0071412c 0x00000101
0x00714274 0x00000101
0x007143bc 0x00000101
0x0071464c 0x00000101
0x007148dc 0x00000101
0x00714a24 0x00000101
0x00714b6c 0x00000101
0x00714cb4 0x00000101
0x00714dfc 0x00000101
0x00714f44 0x00000101
0x0071508c 0x00000101
0x00714504 0x00000101

#Force Green Down
;Must be host
0x00713c0c 0x00000100
0x00713d54 0x00000100
0x00713e9c 0x00000100
0x00713fe4 0x00000100
0x0071412c 0x00000100
0x00714274 0x00000100
0x007143bc 0x00000100
0x0071464c 0x00000100
0x007148dc 0x00000100
0x00714a24 0x00000100
0x00714b6c 0x00000100
0x00714cb4 0x00000100
0x00714dfc 0x00000100
0x00714f44 0x00000100
0x0071508c 0x00000100
0x00714504 0x00000100

#Rapid Fire
0x00184F84 0x3C074100
0x0017AE8C 0xAC800014

#Universal Gun Modifier
;accuracy boost added finally
0x00000098 0x0a340000
0x00500000 0x3c0808C9
0x00500004 0x8d09d848
0x00500008 0x25290004
0x0050000c 0x3c1808CF
0x00500010 0x8f19AAAC
0x00500014 0x01394820
0x00500018 0x27390008
0x0050001c 0x240f0270
0x00500020 0x132f0016
0x00500024 0xaf19AAAC
0x00500028 0x8d2e0000
0x0050002c 0xadc000e4
0x00500030 0x240b0001;regular reload
0x00500034 0xadcb002c;^reload
0x00500038 0x240b7530;ammo(removed cus its too noticable)
0x00500040 0x3c0b44e0;fire rate
0x00500044 0xadcb0044;^fire rate
0x00500048 0x3c0b5190;lockondistance
0x0050004c 0xadcb007c;^lockon
0x00500050 0xadc0009c;zero weight
0x00500054 0x240b000f;all fire modes
0x00500058 0xadcb00a0;^firemodes
0x0050005c 0xadc000a4;????
0x00500060 0x240bffff;all attachments
0x00500064 0xadcb00ec;^attach
0x00500068 0xadcb00f0;^attach
0x0050006c 0x3c0b0001;super accuracy
0x00500070 0xadcb0060;^accuracy
0x00500074 0x0a340000
0x0050007c 0xaf00AAAC
0x00500080 0x03e00008
heres some early notes i took on this area:
offset 0024- 04=throw 06=plant
offset 0028- 01=pistolcrosshair 02=regular crosshair 04=shotguncrosshair(with pump) 06=sniper(withpump)
offset 002c- 01-regular reload 02=shotgun reload
offset 0040- ammo
offset 0044- fire rate
offset 0060- accuracy
offset 006c- Damage (HOST ONLY)
offset 007c- lockon distance
offset 0084- fire rate stats
offset 0088- accuracy stats
offset 008c- range stats
offset 0090- damage stats
offset 0094- stealth stats
offset 0098- lock speed stats
offset 009c- weight
offset 00a0- firemodes (0000000F)
offset 00ec- attachments (FFFFFFFF)
offset 00f0- attachments (FFFFFFFF)

0x00000098 0x0a340000
0x00500000 0x3c0808c9
0x00500004 0x8d09d848
0x00500008 0x25290004
0x0050000c 0x3c1808CF
0x00500010 0x8f19AAAC
0x00500014 0x01394820
0x00500018 0x27390008
0x0050001c 0x240f0270
0x00500020 0x132f0016
0x00500024 0xaf19AAAC
0x00500028 0x8d2e0000
0x0050002c 0xadc000e4
0x00500048 0x <-- Replace address
0x0050004c 0x <-- Replace address
0x00500074 0x0a340000
0x0050007c 0xaf00AAAC
0x00500080 0x03e00008
Replace address with this
240b0001 ;regular reload
adcb002c ;^reload

240b7530 ;ammo(removed cus its too noticable)

3c0b44e0 ;fire rate
adcb0044 ;^fire rate

3c0b5190 ;lockondistance
adcb007c ;^lockon

adc0009c ;zero weight

240b000f ;all fire modes
adcb00a0 ;^firemodes

240bffff ;all attachments
adcb00ec ;^attach
adcb00f0 ;^attach

3c0b0001 ;super accuracy
adcb0060 ;^accuracy

#Vertical Clipping
0x0014F748 0x03E00008
0x0014F74C 0x00000000

#Shoot Through Walls
0x002C299C 0x00000000

#Lock-on Through Walls
0x002C2b80 0x03E00008

#Flash V1
0x00273168 0x3C074100

#Add Any Attachment To Guns
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0048D84C
0x000000A4 0x02F041C1
0x000000A8 0x70542103
0x00000124 0x02F041C1
0x00000128 0x70542103
0x000002A4 0x02F041C1
0x000002A8 0x70542103
0x00000424 0x02F041C1
0x00000428 0x70542103
0x000005A4 0x02F041C1
0x000005A8 0x70542103
0x00000724 0x02F041C1
0x00000728 0x70542103
0x000008A4 0x02F041C1
0x000008A8 0x70542103
0x00000A24 0x02F041C1
0x00000A28 0x70542103
0x00000BA4 0x02F041C1
0x00000BA8 0x70542103
0x00000D24 0x02F041C1
0x00000D28 0x70542103
0x00000EA4 0x02F041C1
0x00000EA8 0x70542103
0x00001024 0x02F041C1
0x00001028 0x70542103
0x000011A4 0x02F041C1
0x000011A8 0x70542103
0x00001324 0x02F041C1
0x00001328 0x70542103
0x000014A4 0x02F041C1
0x000014A8 0x70542103
0x00001624 0x02F041C1
0x00001628 0x70542103
0x000017A4 0x02F041C1
0x00001928 0x70542103
0x00001924 0x02F041C1
0x00001928 0x70542103
0x00001AA4 0x02F041C1
0x00001AA8 0x70542103
0x00001C24 0x02F041C1
0x00001C28 0x70542103
0x00001DA4 0x02F041C1
0x00001DA8 0x70542103
0x00001F24 0x02F041C1
0x00001F28 0x70542103
0x000020A4 0x02F041C1
0x000020A8 0x70542103
0x00002224 0x02F041C1
0x00002228 0x70542103
0x000023A4 0x02F041C1
0x000023A8 0x70542103
0x00002524 0x02F041C1
0x00002528 0x70542103
0x000026A4 0x02F041C1
0x000026A8 0x70542103
0x00002824 0x02F041C1
0x00002828 0x70542103
0x000029A4 0x02F041C1
0x000029A8 0x70542103
0x00002B24 0x02F041C1
0x00002B28 0x70542103
0x00002CA4 0x02F041C1
0x00002CA8 0x70542103
0x00002E24 0x02F041C1
0x00002E28 0x70542103
0x00002FA4 0x02F041C1
0x00002FA8 0x70542103
0x00003124 0x02F041C1
0x00003128 0x70542103
0x000032A4 0x02F041C1
0x000032A8 0x70542103
0x00003424 0x02F041C1
0x00003428 0x70542103
0x000035A4 0x02F041C1
0x000035A8 0x70542103
0x00003724 0x02F041C1
0x00003728 0x70542103
0x000038A4 0x02F041C1
0x000038A8 0x70542103
0x00003A24 0x02F041C1
0x00003A28 0x70542103
0x00003BA4 0x02F041C1
0x00003BA8 0x70542103
0x00003D24 0x02F041C1
0x00003D28 0x70542103
0x00003EA4 0x02F041C1
0x00003EA8 0x70542103
0x00004024 0x02F041C1
0x00004028 0x70542103
0x000041A4 0x02F041C1
0x000041A8 0x70542103
0x00004324 0x02F041C1
0x00004328 0x70542103
0x000044A4 0x02F041C1
0x000044A8 0x70542103
0x00004624 0x02F041C1
0x00004628 0x70542103
0x000047A4 0x02F041C1
0x000047A8 0x70542103
0x00004924 0x02F041C1
0x00004928 0x70542103
0x00004AA4 0x02F041C1
0x00004AA8 0x70542103
0x00004B24 0x02F041C1
0x00004B28 0x70542103
0x00004DA4 0x02F041C1
0x00004DA8 0x70542103
0x00004F24 0x02F041C1
0x00004F28 0x70542103
0x00005524 0x02F041C1
0x00005528 0x70542103
0x000056A4 0x02F041C1
0x000056A8 0x70542103
0x00005824 0x02F041C1
0x00005828 0x70542103
0x000059A4 0x02F041C1
0x000059A8 0x70542103
0x00005B24 0x02F041C1
0x00005B28 0x70542103
0x00005CA4 0x02F041C1
0x00005CA8 0x70542103
0x00005E24 0x02F041C1
0x00005E28 0x70542103
0x00005FA4 0x02F041C1
0x00005FA8 0x70542103
0x00006124 0x02F041C1
0x00006128 0x70542103
0x000062A4 0x02F041C1
0x000062A8 0x70542103
0x00006424 0x02F041C1
0x00006428 0x70542103
0x000065A4 0x02F041C1
0x000065A8 0x70542103
0x00006724 0x02F041C1
0x00006728 0x70542103
0x000068A4 0x02F041C1
0x000068A8 0x70542103
0x00006A24 0x02F041C1
0x00006A28 0x70542103
0x00006BA4 0x02F041C1
0x00006BA8 0x70542103
0x00006D24 0x02F041C1
0x00006D28 0x70542103
0x00006EA4 0x02F041C1
0x00006EA8 0x70542103
0x00007024 0x02F041C1
0x00007028 0x70542103
0x000071A4 0x02F041C1
0x000071A8 0x70542103

#Thermal Vision
0x0048C8A0 0x00002826

#No Scope Recoil
0x00186C14 0x00000000

#Set Weapons In Place
0x0017B618 0x03E00008

#No Shock / Anti-Melee
0x001FE134 0x03E00008
0x001FE57C 0x00000000
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PostSubject: Re: ISO DB   Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:20 am

wow.. that #Universal Gun Modifier code is long.... i dont understand the stuff below the code dough....

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PostSubject: Re: ISO DB   Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:18 pm

Ik right
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PostSubject: Re: ISO DB   

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