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 PSP-6.XX PRO-C Online Guide/Tutorial [ADHOC ONLINE]

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PostPSP-6.XX PRO-C Online Guide/Tutorial [ADHOC ONLINE]

Developer: PRO Team
Finally, users will be able to play certain games via adhoc ONLINE WORLDWIDE with PSP CFW 6.XX PRO-C Public Beta 0.06 (Fix 3).

The revision (0.06) is still currently undergoing public beta tests. PRO Online is a WIP (Work in Progress) Project
by Coldbird to make Adhoc Titles playable online just like any other Infrastructure Title,
without the need of extra equipment (unlike Xlink Kai).

Yup, A new Update for the PRO-C series. Apparently, this is more stable that all of those BETAs that were release a few Weeks Ago. There some Bugs, but coldbird is on them, fixing them. This is his Third Fix of the PRO-C. I have a feeling there are more to come, but again. This is much more stable than those BETAs released a while ago. So I Strongly Recommend that you Update to this release. It has bearely been Release, When I made this thread, there had only Passed *32 minutes* since its release.
-This release is compatible with Prometheus Online, a 2g  PSP online gaming service which you can SEE who is playing right now:

Titles Supported So Far:

Ace Combat - X2 - Joint Assault
Armored Core 3 Portable
Dungeon Seige: Throne of Agony
Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake
Metal Gear Solid - Portable Ops  
Metal Gear Solid - Portable Ops+
Metal Gear Solid - Peacewalker
MLB 11 The Show
ModNations... Racers
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
PANGYA : Fantasy Golf
SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo
SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2
SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3
Split Second Velocity
Tekken 6
Untold Legends The Warrior's Code
Untold Legends...: Brotherhood of the Blade...
Virtua Tennis 3
Worms: Battle Islands
Worms Open Warfare 2



1. You Must Upgrade Your CFW Into PRO-C Fix 3 (v0.30) Or Later Versions Download Here
2. You Must Download The ONLINE CLIENT SERVER Download Here
3. You’ll need a PSP 2000, 3000 or Go. PSP 1000 (aka FAT) isn’t compatible at the moment.

6.XX PRO-C Installation - PC Operation
1. Download And Extract the .zip you downloaded for your firmware, And Search For The "PROUPDATE" Folder & Copy & Paste That Folder To Your "Removable Drive"(X:)>"PSP">"GAME"

6.XX PRO-C Installation - PSP Operation
1. If You Done PC Operation Correctly, Go To Your Game>Memory Stick On Your PSP XMB
2. You Should Find A PROUPDATE GAME, And Run It

PRO Online Client Installation - PC Operation
1. Download And Extract the .zip matching your firmware: you'll find 3 folders: kd, docs & seplugins.

2. Copy all 3 folders to the Root of your Memory Stick (or internal memory for PspGo): of course your PSP has to be connected via usb to your PC first.

3. Now, go to /seplugins/ folder on your Memory, create a file named GAME.TXT (Right Click>New>New Text Document. You should have this file if you used other Plugins with your Psp before). After you opened GAME.TXT add this string:
For PSP "ms0:/seplugins/atpro.prx 1"
For PSP Go "ef0:/seplugins/atpro.prx 1"
-then save the file and exit.

4. Now Open hotspot.txt, placed in /seplugins/ just like you did with GAME.TXT before. Type your router SSID into it. You can view it on Psp o PC by searching for your router.
EXAMPLE: my SSID is Apple Network, So i added this string; "Apple Network"
-then Save the file and exit the editor.

PRO Online Client Installation - PSP Operation
1. Go To your Psp,
2. Here YOU [ENABLE] Force High Memory Layout
3. Then [DISABLE] Inferno & NP9660 Iso Cache, just like in the image below.
When you're done, press Back and in Recovery Main Menu press Back again to go back to the Psp Menu.

NOTE: Your Router Should Have The UPNP [Enabled] Already

The last thing you need to do is setup the Network properly. You have two choices now:
[ENABLE] UPNP on your Router (the easier and reccomended way)
Set your PSP as your routers DMZ (for some member this could be the more difficult approach, however in my case my router is an Airport Extreme- thus it was very simple.)
NOTE: ONLY IF you dmz ur psp, delete the "pspnet_miniupnc.prx" file from the KD folder at the root of your memory stick.


When Ever You Want To Play Adhoc Online, Go To Your VHSMENU>RECOVERY MENU>PLUGINS & [ENABLE] The ATpro.prx
When Ever You Play Infrastructure Online, Go To Your VHSMENU>RECOVERY MENU>PLUGINS & [DISABLE] The ATpro.prx
-This Is Important, Because If you leave it on during offline game play/infrustucture gameplay, it might freeze your PSP


-Blue bar = Wifi Signal Strength Bar
-Green Bar = PSP Battery Bar
-Volume Added
-Chat Keyboard
-Controls Indicator Added

[GAME Controls:
1. VIEW CHAT/OPTIONS = Press "Home Button"
2. QUIT GAME = HOLD ON to the "Start Button" For More Than 5 Seconds To

Chat Controls:
Backspace Input = Tap The "Select Button"
Clear Out The Input = Press And Hold On The "Select Button"
Enter Message = Tap The "Start Button"

Up = A
Left = B
Down = C
Right = D
Triangle = E
Square = F
X Button = G
Circle = H

Hold L1 Button To See The NEXT LETTER TAB
Up = I
Left = J
Down = K
Right = L
Triangle = M
Square = N
X Button = O
Circle = P

Hold R1 Button To See The NEXT LETTER TAB
Up = Q
Left = R
Down = S
Right = T
Triangle = U
Square = V
X Button = W
Circle = X

Hold R1+l1 Button To See The LAST LETTER TAB
Up = Y
Left = A
Down = !
Right = ?
Triangle = .
Square = ,
X Button = Heart Symbol
Circle = Space


Quote :

PRO-C Series Changelog:
Fix 3:
- Fixed several memory unlocking problems like the VSH exit crash (broken homescreen).
- Added high memory forcing support for SEN NPDRM EBOOTs (most useful in combination with Prometheus Online -
- Relinked the PSP online manual to the PRO CFW server.
- Fixed CIPL Section Brick

Fix 2:
- Fixed several memory unlocking problems like the VSH exit crash (broken homescreen).
- Added high memory forcing support for SEN NPDRM EBOOTs (most useful in combination with Prometheus Online -
- Relinked the PSP online manual to the PRO CFW server.

Online CLIENT Catalog

Beta 0.10 [R58]
-Fixed a NULL Pointer crash in sceNetAdhocctlCreate / sceNetAdhocctlConnect
-Added 1.X FW Import Table Hooking Support (this should make a bunch more 1.X games work, or atleast get closer to working)
-New PRO Online Homescreen HUD & Button Mappings
-Fixed a bug in the Netconf Utility Emulator which caused invalid disconnect events

Beta 0.09 [R55]
- Added compatiblity for PRO-C CFW
- Removed FastRecovery VSH Exit Workaround (as its no longer required with PRO-C)
- Merged 6.35 and 6.39 Version to a 6.3X Version that works on both

Beta 0.08 [R47]
- Fixed Ghost Input Problem (aka. Home Menu Gamepad Problem)
- Added Analog Nub Passthrough (allows to use the Analog Nub for game input, even when Home Menu is active)

Beta 0.07 [R41]
- Added Server Notice Support (active players now get notified by the server 1 minute prior to a maintenance
shutdown, as has been requested by the community)

Beta 0.06 [R31]
-Fixed Bug in sceNetAdhocctlDisconnect Function (this fixes the God Eater Burst disconnect problems and the
Terminal exit freeze)
-Added 3-Second Press Delay to START Button in Home Menu (as has been requested by the community)

Beta 0.04 [R26]
- Added PRO Online Home Menu
- Added Keyphrase Chat Support

Beta 0.03 [R25]
- Added VSH Exit Binding to Home Button]
- Added Offline Adhoc Mode (move WLAN Switch into Off-Position before starting Game to enable Offline Adhoc,
On-Position on Game-Start enables Online-Mode)

Beta 0.02 [R24]
- Fixed Regression Bug for Mod Nation Racers
- Added Support for Tekken 6 [ULUS-10466]

Beta 0.01 [R21]
- Initial Support for 10 Titles


-RemoteJoyLite Recording
Existing versions of RemoteJoyLite crash when using PRO Online. You can download a working version for UMD based PSP models from Here.

-It also works on PSP Go, however not when PRO Online is active, I'm investigating the matter.
-The version linked above has been modified to use the PRO CFW high memory range and thus only works if high memory has been enabled.
-Updated the PARAM.SFO files to show proper CFW version.

GO visit the PRO-C FANS Forum And See Who's Online:

Go visit the OFFICIAL PRO-C Site And Ask Questions There:


Tutorial :Source

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PSP-6.XX PRO-C Online Guide/Tutorial [ADHOC ONLINE] :: Comments

He spam do be in top poster i think -_-'

btw ftb3 close the october 1st
maybe and whats u mean ftb3 close the october 1st?
bord105 wrote:

what are you talking about? your just.... well... ur just not me.. lol
i read on a french site that ftb3 closed the october 1st
I cant Go On My UMD When I Turn On Fast Recovery. But It works when it's off. Plz help!!
I have A problem When I try to go ADHOC Online for MGS Peacewalker UMD! I freeze.
hectorgr1 wrote:
I have A problem When I try to go ADHOC Online for MGS Peacewalker UMD! I freeze.

Google it up, have u tried turning on force high memory layout and enable iso and umd cache, maybe umd version isnt supported, go ahead use the cso in the psp game section .....downloading should be fast
Yes I got that part working but when i go to adhoc and have atpro ON I freeze when i choose a channel to go to. But on UMD It freezes me on that part and i wanna try saving space an my memory stick so i can download other games but Ok... I downloaded MGS PEACEWALKER ISO.
Guys get Pro-C, its epic and also you need iso/cso games to use it otherwise yourll freeze, but some games you can get away with the UMD. We may be able to start our own little adhoc FTB3 thing when like we can have a catch up and have a few games????? If you need help Pm me cos i had this pretty much had Pro-C after they released it. or search=XBeastlyFresh and watch his Pro-c client video on how to install Pro-c. Smile
Also hecctor girl Wink MGS PW and MGS PO freeze on umd get an iso or cso like me.
U dont freeze if u turn off UMD cache in XMB settings.
yo new update, for encase you havnt notice.. if you still want to visit the site..
they have moved the site host to a new server... no need to re-create a new account...

here are the links..:


this topic has also been updated as well
well then the game and psp must not like u...??????
Nice,Good job getting this together,Whats MGS like on psp?? Any fun?
MGS Is Awesome on the PSP.But Japs have found a way to hack on it.
How is it freezing you? When I had my psp I used pro-c, turned of cache speed,and umds played fine. Are you running any Cheat devices other then pro-c?
awsome, is did anyone played socom online? did it work?
It works..But pointless.
How do I use codes while running atpro.prx? I know there is a way
PastorZach wrote:
How do I use codes while running atpro.prx? I know there is a way

yes.. I heard some through CWCheats.. but ur ganna have to google up the rest

PSP-6.XX PRO-C Online Guide/Tutorial [ADHOC ONLINE]

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